Monday, May 13, 2013

Boys Town National Hotline

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By Leon Velasco
The Boys Town National Hotline Joins Gay Central Valley’s & Fresno LGBT Community Center’s Resources

I spoke with Boys Town Crisis Intervention Rep. Shan who was delighted to get a call to join our list of crisis intervention resources for our LGBTQ Youth here in the Valley. I did ask a few questions of concern should someone go online to look them up in consideration of using their services;

Q: If someone from the LGBTQ community calls for help will they be assisted?

Shan: By all means yes. We will not discriminate against anyone who calls. Times have changed, and the fact is, there will be someone to help no matter what the problem is and no one will pass judgement towards any individual’s decision to live their lives.

Q: In looking up The Boys Town online, it reflects more of a religious organization. Will there be any one trying to convert callers?

Shan: Oh, no. The Crisis Hotline is just that; to help those in need during their time of crisis. This organization’s volunteers will not be doing any converting. The paths each person chooses to take in life will be respected.

Q: Will it be alright to add you to our list of resources?

Shan: We would be thrilled to be of service to the LGBTQ youth there in CA. We have many services at their disposal

The Boys Town National Hotline 24/7
TTD 1-800-448-1833

OnLine Instant Messaging
Mon.-Thurs. 7:30pm-12:00am

Mobile Apps
Iphone – My Life My Voice
Mobile - YLYV

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