Monday, March 25, 2013

VIDEO: Prop 8 Heads to Supreme Court - Fresno Reactions

Courtesy Fresno CBS 47

As California once again takes center stage in the debate over same sex marriage, Fresnans on both sides of the issue speak out.

"Our issue is that we don't feel voters should be deciding civil rights," said Chris Jarvis, President of Gay Central Valley. 

Jarvis sees marriage as a fundamental right and proposition eight made same sex marriage illegal when it was passed by California voters in 2008. But it was reversed in 2010 and Jarvis believes it will stay that way.

"The case is too strong in California with Justice Walker’s case and the subsequent rulings. I just can't see that they would do that," said Jarvis.

But local pastor Jim Franklin is feeling good about what could come out of the Supreme Court. He supported prop eight when it was passed and would like to see it reinstated.

"Really this not about the opinion, we had an opportunity to hear peoples opinions when they went to the voting booth and in California they voted for proposition eight," said Franklin.

CBS47 Legal Analyst Carl Faller says if the Supreme Court rules against prop eight, it could be the final word on gay marriage.

"That's pretty much going to end the issue of whether there is going to be gay marriage in California. There will be because it will be found to be a federal constitutional right and neither the state legislature nor the voters will be able to contradict that finding,” said Faller. 

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