Monday, March 18, 2013

Shangela Speaks Out About Controversy In Wisconsin

Prejudice is alive and well with certain groups in Wisconsin.

Shangela, of RuPaul’s Drag Race, found herself in the middle of a controversy last week in Wisconsin where she was performing with local talent on a University campus. The problem, for at least a couple of groups there, is that drag “promotes evil and sexual perversion”. Really? 

The group is also up in arms about using taxpayer funding from a public university for this kind of entertainment. Turns out the money didn’t come from the public funding however, but another, student supplied source. 

Read the story below…

Courtesy Out Loud Talent
MENASHA – The Universtiy of Wisconsin-Fox Valley hosted a drag show Thursday night, and while some say the performance where men dress as women is harmless fun, others disagree.
A lot of lights, dancing and lip syncing took stage at UW-Fox Valley Thursday.  Area performers and reality TV star Shangela shared the spotlight in this drag show.

Supporters said drag is an art form that embraces entertainment and diversity. They say all it takes is an open mind.

“Everybody’s talking about it, so we just decided to come on out and see what’s going on. Everything that I’ve heard has been ‘it’s coming! Oh my gosh! We have to go see it!’ Everyone’s been really excited,” said UW-Fox Valley student Alison Mauthe.

But protestors also came to the school Thursday. They questioned the performance, saying it promotes a dangerous lifestyle.

“Number one it promotes evil and sexual perversion and number two, why do taxpayers have to subsidize such things? This is a publicly funded university,” said Al Doyle of Oshkosh.
The school told us the money comes from a separate fund students pay into.

“We have segregated fees that are different from tuition. Where tuition is classified as state money, these are fees that our students pay for entertainment,” explained college spokesman David Hager.
But in a statement, Wisconsin Family Action reiterated to FOX 11 the idea that drag is not acceptable entertainment at a public school, saying, “We do not believe this show is in any way in the students’ best interest. Even though the UW Fox Valley disavows any formal support or endorsement of the show, this is certainly not the type of educational experience most Wisconsin citizens expect to take place on the campuses of public universities.”

Shangela told in the end, not everyone’s going to agree with what she does, but maybe they can learn something from it.

“Whether it’s my show or events that I’m part of I just invite them to come, see the show, then walk away with their opinions. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion,” said Shangela.

More than 200 people attended Thursday’s sold out show. Nationally syndicated sex-advice columnist Dan Savage bought the majority of the tickets so other people could go for free. He told FOX 11 over the phone Thursday he did it to show his support for the event.

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