Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Poll Shows Majority Support for LGBT Americans

The latest ABC/Washington Post poll shows dramatic gains in support for LGBT Americans. One of the most dramatic changes is the opinion that being LGBT is a choice. In 2004 only 32% of the public thought being LGBT was not a choice, now 58% believe that it is not a choice. 

Support has grown in all demographics, including religion, ethnic and polictical. 

Results of this survey extend evidence of a remarkable transformation in public attitudes. Views on basic social issues often move slowly, if at all. Support for gay marriage, though, has gone from 47 percent to today’s 58 percent in just the last three years culminating a period of change first endorsed by some state courts, then by some political figures, notably with Barack Obama expressing support for same sex-marriage last May, a position he went on to underscore in his second inaugural address in January

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