Monday, January 14, 2013

REVIEW: Hunter Valentine Concert in Fresno

Yesenia Valdez writing for Gay Central Valley

Great music and lesbians—I’m there! 

Having missed this sexy all lezzy rock band the last time they stopped by Fresno, I was ecstatic to find out they were coming again for their Collide and Conquer Tour. Freezing outside Audie’s Olympic for an hour was totally worth the wait. As I entered Audie’s I was frozen from head to toe but I soon melted in the very cozy lesbian atmosphere. It was nice to see a diverse group of ladies show up. 

There is something powerful and magical to be felt by the energy Hunter Valentine brings. And by magical I mean those special kinds of tingly feelings only felt deep down inside by lesbians. They take the stage and you can’t help but feel happy and excited. It was an amazing experiencing seeing the concert so intimately—just a few feet away from them. I melted when Kiyomi McCloskey, the very hot lead singer, held my hand. Uhh-mazing. With the crowd there wasn’t much room for dancing but I didn’t mind too much being sandwiched between some lovely ladies. 

Not only are all the members very talented, but they are super HOTTT! There is the partially naked drummer Laura Petracca, hypnotizing guitarist Veronica Sanchez and the newest member to the band, intriguing Aimee Bessada on guitar and keyboards. It is no surprise these lovely ladies were featured on The Real L Word. Killer vocals with guitar and drums to match Hunter Valentine is definitely a must see! I had a blast watching them do their thing live. 

What would a concert be without pictures! I, along with other giddy lezzies waited patiently in line to get a picture with the group and even got a poster signed. They were so sweet! This was a great way to start off the New Year. So remember the name—Hunter Valentine—hot and talented lezzy band.

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