Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Washington State Approves Same Sex Marriage

Is this possible? Can this night get any better for us?

Washington citizens came out in support of Referendum 74, affirming the state's move to legalize same-sex marriages.

"I think this is victory for all Washingtonians," said Rabbi Mark Glickman of Bainbridge Island.
Glickman signed a letter along with nine other island religious leaders in support of R-74.

"Our understanding of marriage and the modern family has changed over the preceding years and this referendum has affirmed that," he added. "Now all Washingtonians can share in the blessing the joy and the rights we can have from this wonderful institution called marriage."

Tuesday's election results showed a 52-percent approval of the referendum to legalize same-sex marriages, with approximately 1.4 million votes counted. Opposition to the proposal came in at 47 percent.

It came as a milestone moment in Washington history.

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