Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Minnesota Votes AGAINST Discrimination

Are you ready? Minnesota is the last result (UPDATE: Washington State may still up for grabs at press time) in a string of marriage equality measures across the country. And Minnesota IS VICTORIOUS!!

Following historic marriage wins in Maine and Maryland, voters in Minnesota have said no to writing discrimination into their state constitution.
HRC President Chad Griffin said of the victory:

“Minnesota is a prime example that we are experiencing a sea change in how Americans view their LGBT neighbors.  With 30 states having voted to write discrimination into their constitutions, Minnesotans stood up and said, ‘not us,’ and more are sure to follow their lead.

“No amount of lies and deception funded by deep-pocketed donors could convince Minnesotans that loving and committed couples should be excluded from marriage.

“Our work begins anew in the state and with new fair-minded leadership in the legislature we move forward toward a day when all families in Minnesota are protected equally under the law.  Clearly the momentum is on our side with support for marriage equality – both nationally and in Minnesota – growing by the day.

“Minnesotans United for All Families exemplifies a dedicated and well run campaign with an amazing leader in Richard Carlbom.  Our entire steering committee and board members Les Bendtsen and Tom Knabel have been a part of this fight since the beginning were true partners to the campaign.”

HRC is proud to have contributed more than $1 million to defeat the amendment.  The organization also sent 480,000 emails to supporters of marriage equality and we’ve helped recruit over 1,100 volunteers and sent staff to work on the campaign.

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