Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gay News 11_27_12

  • Harsh anti-gay bill close to passage in Uganda
    The Ugandan Parliament this week could pass anti-homosexuality legislation that would penalize touching with the intent to commit a homosexual act and grant permission to "victims" of homosexuality to respond without fear of criminal prosecution, a clause some say encourages violence against and even the murder of homosexuals. The bill also calls for prison sentences for those who fail to report violations of the law, including clergy, medical staff and family members. The Guardian (London)/Black Looks (11/26), GlobalPost.com/GP Rights blog 
  • U.S. anti-gay leaders defend Uganda measure: American anti-gay leaders, including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Institute and the Rev. Scott Lively, are defending Uganda’s move to enact a draconian anti-homosexuality bill. "American liberals are upset that Ugandan Pres is leading his nation in repentance," Perkins tweeted on Monday. Meanwhile Lively, who has campaigned in Uganda against homosexuality, wrote that the pending approval of the legislation is "a huge blessing for Uganda and for me personally." The New Civil Rights Movement (11/26), BoxTurtleBulletin.com

  • Supreme Court could enter marriage fray this week
    The Supreme Court is expected to decide Friday which, if any, marriage equality cases it will hear during its current term. Legal experts say the court is most likely to take cases on the Defense of Marriage Act, as numerous federal courts have struck down the law as unconstitutional. Ten U.S. senators filed a brief arguing Congress is within its rights to keep federal marriage benefits from same-sex couples, and some analysts say it's not clear the Court is ready to gut the law. The justices could decline to hear an appeal of the federal case involving Proposition 8, an outcome that would make marriage legal again for same-sex couples in California. San Jose Mercury News (Calif.) (free registration) (11/26), KOMO-TV/KOMO-AM (Seattle)/The Associated Press 
  • Married gay workers at Boeing might not get survivor pension benefits
    Boeing might not provide survivor pension benefits to the same-sex spouses of its gay and lesbian workers as pensions are regulated by the federal government, which does not recognize same-sex married couples. Boeing says it's studying the issue, but union officials negotiating with the company said they were told Boeing had no intention of providing the benefit. The Seattle Times 
  • Maine judge rules against transgender student in bathroom case
    A judge has ruled a school district in Maine did not violate the state’s human rights law when it prevented a female transgender student from using the girls' bathroom at school. "It is no doubt a difficult thing to grow up transgender in today's society. This is a sad truth, which cannot be completely prevented by the law alone. The law casts a broad stroke where one more delicate and refined is needed," wrote Justice William Anderson. Bangor Daily News (Maine) (free registration) 
  • Former French first lady backs marriage equality
    Carla Bruni, the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, has come out in favor of pending legislation that would establish marriage equality in France. Sarkozy opposes the measure, Bruni said, for political reasons. "He sees people as groups of thousands rather than people we know personally," she explained. The legislation has the support of a majority of French voters and is being pushed by the new socialist government, but critics of the law have grown vocal recently. ABC News/The Associated Press 

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