Monday, November 19, 2012

Gay Central Valley Thanks First Church of Redwood City

Chris Jarvis, President of Gay Central Valley and his husband, James Hensley, traveled to Redwood City, CA last weekend to personally thank the First Congregational Church of Redwood City for a generous donation made to The Rainbow Delegation, a project of Gay Central Valley. 

It was a pleasure to attend the party for the 150th Year Anniversary Celebration of their church, which took place at the San Mateo County History Museum , a beautiful facility which was once the original court house. We met and talked with the Reverend Kimberly Smith-Nilsson, as well as Kathie Fosgett, who was our original contact. 

Kathie gave us a tour of the facility and discussed the church's history. Kathie also shared stories of her daughter, to whom the Rainbow Delegation bracelets mean so much in the effort to combat bullying.

The Rainbow Delegation was able to present ourselves on a table in the main lobby . We also provide over 200 bracelets for all those attending the event.
Gay Central Valley and the Rainbow Delegation can't thank the church enough for their support for our efforts at visibility, civility and equality.

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