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Gay Central Valley November Newsletter

Gay Central Valley Newsletter: Volume 3 / November 2012
Welcome to the new Gay Central Valley newsletter! Each month we plan to bring you a quick look at what's going on with Gay Central Valley, the Fresno LGBT Community Center, and the Rainbow Delegation.

Note from GCV President Chris Jarvis....

It has been a busy few months for Gay Central Valley… and we still have so much more to look forward to!

Since taking over the Rainbow Delegation project this summer, Gay Central Valley has provided approximately 4,000 rainbow bracelets to people across the United States, as well as providing free bracelets in the Central Valley at various events and through the Fresno LGBT Community Center. The Rainbow Delegation project continues to grow and expand on a daily basis. We ran a GSA Rainbow Delegation promotion in September, getting the bracelets to Gay Straight Alliances in our schools, and we are planning a holiday Rainbow Delegation promotion so the bracelets can be gifted to others. 

We are also pleased to announce that Gay Central Valley has a newly formed Advisory Board, which will have its first meeting this month. The Advisory Board is made up of local community members who have agreed to come together to discuss ways we can better serve the LGBT Community in the Central Valley.

We would like to send a special thank you to the active group of dedicated volunteers and facilitators who came forward during the summer and fall. Keeping the activities and day to day operations in full motion at the Fresno LGBT Community Center has been made much easier by those who are passionate about the work and who show up daily to give of themselves for the community. Thank you to all.

In the past few months, Gay Central Valley attended events such as Sober Stock and Be The Change at Fresno State. We held a Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar titled THINK PINK at the Fresno LGBT Community Center and we once again had the Fresno County Dept of Public Health out to provide free HIV testing in honor of HIV / AIDS Awareness Day. 

Coming up we will be part of the Fresno county Community Resource Fair and will be walking and helping to sponsor the Fresno AIDS Walk. We are also proud to be marching for Transgender Equality at the Transgender Day Of Remembrance event (details below).

Also on the horizon, the Supreme Court has agreed to review the Prop 8 Case and a couple of the DOMA lawsuits on November 20th, so we may have some answers as soon as November 26th... stay tuned to the GCV Blog for news and updates.

So much to be thankful for as we head into the cooler months... from all of here at Gay Central Valley, Happy Thanksgiving!

Article Re-Wind

October was a busy month. In case you missed anything, here are some of the most popular stories and articles:

Community Corner:

Want to know what’s happening at your Fresno LGBT Community Center? Wondering when one of our new groups meets? Our handy calendar tool will keep you up to date. Check it out here

Rainbow Delegation:
Thanks to some generous donations and the profits from the sale of the Rainbow Bracelets ($1 each), we have been able to begin filling the free request orders.  (We sent out 300 last week!) Remember, we fill the free requests quarterly as funding allows… if you would like to help others be able to have a bracelet, want to find out more, or to make a donation, please visit the Rainbow Delegation webpage.

Queer Movie Night Returns!
We are happy to announce that our weekly Queer Movie Night is starting back up at the Fresno LGBT Community Center. Hosted by Gay Central Valley and sponsored by The Express, this weekly event is FREE and open to the public.  Come join us every Wednesday night (except for holidays) at 6pm.

Our schedule isn't full… we still have a couple of nights open for new programs or groups! If you have a group (or an idea for a group) that you would like to help facilitate, please contact us so we can make it happen! We are open to support groups, arts groups, meditation groups, etc.  All our groups are free both for the facilitators and for those attending. Email us at for more information or click here


Staff Star of the Month

You can read more about our staff here. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here for more information about our open positions. 

Both Kayleia and Mandy started working at the Community Center this summer. They've both been strong and dedicated volunteers who have become invaluable to the daily operations of the Fresno LGBT Community Center.

Kayleia - is 19 years old. She was born in Redding, California and now lives in Clovis. She is a Communications major and Fresno City College and also a member of the Diversity Club on campus. She hopes to get certified in phlebotomy and work in the future for the Red Cross. She came to the Center to fulfill a class requirement but grew to love the work and the day to day operations at the Fresno LGBT Community Center. She has taken on various duties such as sharing administration duties on Facebook and working weekly to maintain the Rainbow Delegation, a project of Gay Central Valley. 

Mandy  - is 28 years old and is going back to college after a ten year break. During that break she was married and had a baby girl. Shortly afterwards she was separated and was faced with being a single mother. She decided to go back to school to pursue a social degree and to be certified in phlebotomy. When faced with where to do her internship, Mandy chose the Fresno LGBT Community Center, seeing the LGBT Community as under served in the social work field.  Mandy currently staffs the Center every Thursday as well as volunteers during the week for special projects, including the Rainbow Delegation.

Sister Spotlight:

We aren't the only group in the Central Valley working for the LGBT Community. Each month we want to shed some very deserving light on one of our sister organizations or community events.

This month’s pick is Transgender Day of Remembrance hosted by Trans-E-Motion. 

On Tuesday November 20th, Trans-E-Motion, will host their annual Transgender Day Of Remembrance.

This event, modeled off of the national TDOR, will again serve as a place to honor the lives lost to bigotry and anti-transgender hatred, as well as celebrate the lives of the transgender living. Like in years past, there will be a mix of celebration and contemplation as the transgender community invites their allies to an evening of dinner, live entertainment and art.

Again this year, Trans-E-Motion, which started as a task force to put on a local TDOR event in 2005 and has since grown to offer services and support options to the Valley’s transgender community becoming an official 501(c)3 organization in 2010, will provide a respectful homage to those who have lost their lives because of their transgender status.  The names of those in the transgender community who have been murdered or succumbed to suicide will be read as part of the reception which will also host live music, dinner, speeches highlighting the need for advocacy and allies, and a silent auction of locally generated art that will showcase themes of gender acceptance, love, and diversity.

New to this year’s schedule, will be a public rally and march before the reception. As bullying rates continue to increase, organizers wanted this year’s TDOR to be more public as a way of generating support. Being visible and proud is important to the local transgender community as they continue to fight for equal rights in one of the more conservative parts of the state.

Also new this year, there will be no charge for attendance as this year’s focus is not about raising money but about raising awareness.

The rally is scheduled to begin at 4:30pm at Fresno’s Courthouse Park (1100 Van Ness Ave) and will function as a bringing together of allies and supporters from all across the LGBT+ and straight ally spectrum.  The march, which will take place immediately following the rally, will circle the block two to three times and eventually progress to the Downtown Community Arts Collective (764 P Street). The reception will follow immediately.

The event, while focusing on the trials and tribulations of the transgender community, is open to the public. There is a need for more allies who understand that no matter where one is under the Transgender Umbrella (transitioning, not transitioning, transsexual, cross dresser, transvestite, intersex, drag queen, gender fluid, gender queer etc) being transgender is a valid identify. The need for more non-transgendered individuals to stand alongside the often forgotten “T” in the LGBT acronym is huge… and this is a perfect chance to do just that.

For more information, please visit the event’s Facebook page.

Upcoming Local Events

AIDS Walk Fresno 
Woodward Park - Saturday November 10th...AIDS Walk Fresno is an HIV/AIDS awareness and fundraising event that will pay homage to those affected by the disease and remember those we have lost. All proceeds will benefit Fresno’s only HIV/AIDS support center: The Living Room, a project of WestCare California Inc. More info here... 

Transgender Day Of Remembrance
Tuesday, November 20th...To celebrate the lives lost due to anti-transgender bias and hatred and to celebrate the lives of transgender individuals in our community. Candlelight Vigil March at 4:30PM @the Fresno Courthouse Park – 1100 Van Ness Avenue. Reception CELEBRATION @6PM – Downtown Community Arts Collective @764 P Street. For further information please contact Zoyer Zyndel / Transemotion @559-285-0795 or

World AIDS Day
Saturday, December 1st...Fresno State Satellite Union - 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm...A free event on the 1st of December to help with the goal to get new HIV infections, discrimination and AIDS related deaths to zero. AIDS Awareness Video, AIDS Quilt 25th Anniversary, AIDS Ribbon artwork display, informational booth, live entertainment and reading of the names.

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We have a new way of getting volunteers. If you want to sign up to work a future event or do drop in hours at the center, Please click here to make sure we have your most up to date preferences.. 

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