Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Iowa Woman Challenges Church Over Political Flier

Politics and churches continue to clash. In Iowa, a pastor revealed his true but disturbing feelings when approached by a woman who objected to the church's publication of anti-gay fliers.

The fliers were an effort to remove the last remaining judge who voted in favor of same sex marriage in Iowa, one of the states where same sex marriage is now legal. The woman objected to the church getting involved in politics, something we hear more and more of, particularly during a political campaign.

Under a 1954 federal law, it is illegal for tax-exempt organizations, including churches, to promote political candidates or ballot issues. Those who violate the law can lose their tax exempt status, which allows tax deductions on money given to a church and allows a church to avoid paying property taxes.

Two pastors condemned the woman for her objections, one going so far as to commit to a sermon about it. 

"Don't call yourself a Christian and do that," Youngblood said in the sermon. "We need to draw a line in the sand. We need to begin to say that at City Church this is how we're going to be."

He went on to say he would like to...slap her for raising such questions, and that her husband should "correct her,"

The woman has reported the case to the Internal Revenue Service, who is not issuing a statement at this point.

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