Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"The New Normal": Gay Parents in a New Sitcom.

Have you heard about the new show "The New Normal"? (It will be an NBC show, 9:30 starting with the pilot on September 10th and then regularly on Tuesdays starting on the 11th)

The premise a gay LA couple and their surrogacy create a new sort of family. The surrogate is a recent Midwest transplant who is thrilled to be giving the option of a baby to the gay dads. Her 9 year old daughter, her bigoted grandmother and the sassy black secretary of one of the gay dads-to-be rounds out the cast,

You can watch the pilot episode via Hulu by clicking here!

While I applaud the desire for networks to embrace the idea of a "non traditional" family unit, I do wonder a bit if this show will be able to hold its own without sinking into the realms of cheap stereotypes and tired sitcom follies.

Created by Ryan Murphy, who has shown that he does really well with concepts but not always as well with flow through (Glee, and American Horror Story), this fluffy and light half hour comedy is sweet and predictable, but might be right up your alley.

I wouldn't want to wager on how long it will last... It all depends on if the characters can remain interesting and not one note and if American audiences need another slightly sappy sitcom dealing with pregnancy and babies.

Another note, the bigoted nanny who's rants against every ethnic group are played for laughs is a bit hard to take.  Best part of the pilot for me was the nine year old announcing "Nana, you're a bigot. I'm unfriending you"

Good idea little precocious 9 year old, let's see if the adults can follow in your footsteps.

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