Monday, September 24, 2012

Chris Colfer Clears Up Reel Pride Comment

Many in Fresno took Chris Colfer's Tweet on the night of his film's premier in Fresno as negative toward our town and the Tower Theater, Reel Pride etc. 
The night his film "Struck By Lightning" opened the Reel Pride Film Festival, Colfer tweeted...

"I hope everyone in Fresno enjoys the SBL screening tonight! And by everyone I mean my family and the ten other seats the theater holds."

It's easy to see how that comment can be seen as negative toward Fresno in general...

So I spoke with Reel Pride volunteer this weekend about the comment. I was told Colfer cleared up the controversy and that, no, it was not negative toward Fresno. As you may know, Colfer heralds from Clovis.

Colfer apparently explained that a large contingency of his family and friends, about 30 people, would be at the Tower Theater that night to see the film, so the comment was about the size of those coming to see the film that are close to Colfer. The comment was in no way derogatory toward Fresno, the festival, or any other aspect of Fresno. 

It was a joke about how many family members were headed to the theater.

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