Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's the deal with those Rainbow Bracelets?

You have probably heard that Gay Central Valley has taken over the management of The Rainbow Delegation.

But you might be wondering what that means....

What are Rainbow Bracelets? They are bright plastic bracelets that show your support for equality!
Who wears Rainbow Bracelets? All sorts of people are proud to wear these bracelets (check out our photos and testimonials). Old, young, straight, gay…. It doesn't matter! You do not have to be gay, lesbian, transgender, or bi to wear a bracelet… you just have to be an ally!
What does wearing a Rainbow Bracelet mean? Wearing a bracelet tells those around you that you don’t support homophobic jokes or slurs and that you are a safe person to talk to. Read some of our testimonials to find out what sort of impacts these simple bracelets can have on the world.
Currently we offer the rainbow bracelets for only purchase, for only a dollar. (includes shipping*).

You can also pick up your FREE bracelet at the Fresno LGBT Community Center.

... and of course you can request a free bracelet through the website. (Note, free bracelets are sent out on a first come, first served basis when funding allows.... there is already a bit of a wait for the free ones, in order to guarantee your bracelet gets to you, we recommend that you go the $1 route.)

We just released our first Rainbow Delegation promo video -below-, we are gearing up for a "Bracelets for Back to School" fund raiser, and we are continually looking for photos of people with their bracelets to add to our community photo albums!

We are so excited to be a part of the mission of the Rainbow Delegation, thank you all for your support!

The Rainbow Delegation is a project of Gay Central Valley. Click here to find out all the ways you can support GCV and all our projects!

* Only available iin the US at this time.


  1. I have just about worn out my bracelet. Where do I go to get an extra large bracelet?

  2. You can get a free one at the Fresno LGBT Community Center - 1055 N Van Ness ave Suite A - in the Tower district. or you can purchase one at www.rainbowdelegation.org :)

  3. Thanks for sharing……………………..
    "gay men


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