Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WEBSITE: Our Sista Circle

A website was brought to our attention today and we’d like to share it with our readers… This is a website targeted toward lesbians of color…Black, Asian, African American, Latina, Native American, Pacific Islander, Chicano, Biracial & other lesbians of color…

From the website…

This is the first social networking site for lesbians of color. I am always questioned about this bold statement so let me explain. This is not a site just for African American lesbians. Nor is it a site for lesbians of color. This is a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE for ALL LESBIANS OF COLOR -- AFRICAN AMERICAN, BLACK, ASIAN, LATINA, NATIVE AMERICAN, PACIFIC ISLANDER & BI-RACIAL LESBIANS.. I launched this site in October 2009 and I am very proud of it. Lesbians of color have very unique issues that need to be addressed. We deal with gender AND sexuality AND class AND race.

It is important to me to create a safe, respectful, nurturing and supportive environment to do this. And I am glad you are a part of our community! This is a social networking site for lesbians of color. This is NOT a porn site! All pictures and video must be approved prior to posting. Please allow up to 12 hours for any picture or video approval. The integrity of this site is VERY important. Please refrain from posting vulgar, nude or distasteful pictures - they will be removed immediately. OurSistaCircle is monitored closely. The mission of this website is to connect lesbians of color around the world. Thank you for supporting the goal of OurSistaCircle. REMINDER--You cannot use your personal page to promote any of your parties, music, websites or personal agendas. If you need to advertise kindly inquire about rates, My rates are VERY reasonable!! Also, please refrain from posting any blogs of a sexual nature in the Magazine. You can either join one of the erotica groups or create your own. The public magazine is for political, personal or humorous pieces only!!

Visit the site here…

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