Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MMC LGBT Brochure - GCV Cultural Competency

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This brand new brochure is the result of our collaboration with the Marjaree Mason Center  and the Fresno Police Department. Gay Central Valley raised the money to print 2,500 of these completely original brochures, which Police Chief Dyer has committed to getting into the hands of all of his police officers. 

This is yet another step in Gay Central Valley's plan to facilitate LGBT Cultural Competency  in the Central Valley. This brochure will assist officers in dealing with the LGBT population in Fresno.

Kate Henry, board member of Gay Central Valley, who also works with the Marjaree Mason Center and sits on the Chief's Advisory Board as our LGBT voice, is to be congratulated for working from the ground up to bridge the gap between the LGBT Community, Marjaree Mason Center and the Fresno Police Department to make this happen. She totally committed to this and worked diligently to make it happen. We're very proud.

Also a great big thanks to all members of the Fresno community who donated funds to help us reach our goal of $500 to make this happen.
This brochure will also be available at the Fresno LGBT Community Center

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