Thursday, August 2, 2012

Court Upholds Hate Crime Law


After three Michigan pastors challenged the constitutionality of the Matthew Shepard James Byrd Jr Hate Crime Prevention Act , an appeals court has ruled against them. The law requires harsher punishments for those who commit crimes that are hate driven. The pastors claim was that the law violates their free speech right to condemn gays. Their case was actually based on being offended that the law outlawed "thought crimes", which means they want to continue to be able to hate and propagate hate among minorities. 

Here's the kink...the court ruled that since these religious groups were not advocating willfully injuring anybody, then what are they bitching about?

“If the Hate Crimes Act prohibits only willfully causing bodily injury and Plaintiffs are not planning to willfully injure anybody, then what is their complaint? Plaintiffs answer that they fear wrongful prosecution and conviction under the Act. Not only is that fear misplaced, it’s inadequate to generate a case or controversy the federal courts can hear,” the appeals court ruled.

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