Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clovis Unified Sued Over Sex Education

In a continuing controversy that started a couple of years ago, the sex education curriculum of Clovis Unified is at the heart of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of their clients. 

The curriculum makes no mention of condoms, even as it relates to HIV & AIDS and states that abstinence is the only method to pursue to avoid pregnancy and STD's. Abstinence only policies have been proven to be ineffective by countless studies, including on a federal level. In fact, abstinence only policies have been found to increase pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases. 

A civil suit was filed Tuesday morning at the Fresno County Courthouse. Clovis Unified School District Officials tell us the news of the lawsuit came as a pretty big surprise.

Those who filed the complaint say the district's "abstinence only" message is a huge disservice to students, and it's putting them at higher risk for STD's and unwanted pregnancies. They say the district is failing to provide important information; thus breaking the law.

Aubree Smith filed the lawsuit and says, "Sex education in Clovis schools is providing misinformation that can put young peoples health at risk. We would never teach inaccurate math. Why would we allow the schools to teach inaccurate sex education?"

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