Monday, August 6, 2012

Burn Baby Burn!

--Kaylia Metcalfe

Had to share...

We talked last week about corporations that are advocating for LGBT equality.. and mentioned General Mills.

You know, the company that makes Cheerios.


Well... this man, apparently, decided to protest General Mills and their stance on equality... by burning a box of Cheerios.

Which, sure, is within his right to do... (although I am not sure about the legality of setting something on fire at a business), but anyway... he got more than he bragined for.

Watch it here.  (Embedding has been turned off) Not only is he ill equipped to deal with the fire (err, ramifications of his actions) but he appears to be fleeing the scene while his kids?, friends? audience? laughs and also flees.

Of course I know that not all Christians hate the LGBT community or are arsonists etc. Like all groups, there are fringe crazy people who tend to be a little louder than the sane majority. 

And for the most part we simply have to suffer those fringe crazy types... but in this case, I thin it is ok to laugh at them. 

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