Sunday, July 29, 2012

AIDS Study Shows Who's At Most Risk

AIDS has been a subject filled with misinformation and the wrong perceptions since it reared its ugly head back in 1981. It was a cancer, a gays only plague, caused by HIV, not caused by HIV,surrounded by the wrong information as to how it spreads.

All that's been cleared up at this point, but there are so many, particularly since the disease has become manageable, that still are unsure how it's passed on, what a diagnosis means and who is vulnerable to HIV. Basically, everyone...

Still, the high risk groups have morphed and changed over the 30 years of the disease. Now, a new study suggests that young, black gay and bisexual men are more likely to be infected with HIV than any other segment of the United States population.

The news comes from the AIDS conference this week...

The report presented at the International AIDS Conference this week in Washington D.C., by the Fenway Institute, shows that in the United States, black men who have sex with men are nearly twice as likely than their white counterparts to get infected; in the same category, those younger than 30 are more than three times as likely to get infected. Each year, the report found, nearly 6 percent of black gay or bisexual youth contract HIV.

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