Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Most LGBT-Friendly College Campuses: Campus Pride Index Top Rated Schools

From our friends over at HufPo

For people in the LGBT community heading to college, a welcoming campus is a high priority. The good news is Campus Pride has done in-depth reviews of more than 300 campuses throughout the country and rated them on their LGBT-friendliness.

Campus Pride rates the colleges based on more than two dozen issues dealing with academic and student life, policies, course offerings, campus safety and housing and health services. Instead of coming up with a top 10 ranking, they've put together ratings based on a ranking system with five stars.

Half of the 28 campuses with a five-star rating in either California, Oregon or Washington.

Campus Pride is a national nonprofit organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create safer, more LGBT-Friendly learning environments at colleges and universities. Besides the ratings, they also work with school administrators to try to improve policies on campuses to become more welcoming toward LGBT students.

Take a look at the 28 five-star colleges on the Campus Pride Index here

California was well represented with: Stanford, Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, San Diego State, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, Humboldt State, and UC Southern CA,  

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