Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Anti-Gay, Angry Teen American

I hear all the time from people, regarding the tolerance of LGBT rights across the nation..."once the older generation dies off, it'll be a slam dunk". In fact, I've heard that since the 1970's. I believed it then, when I was young enough to buy into it. I haven't believed it for a very, very long time.

Still, I hear it all the time. Yet if you spend any time on sites like YouTube and read the negative comments attached to LGBT videos, you can see that there are just as many young people who are posting anti-gay rants, often so vicious and hateful it's difficult to re-post them.

Then look at the current rise in school bullying problems. Surely we can all see that these bullies, often driving other students to suicide, are young, not old, and not likely to die off anytime soon. So why do we believe that it's just the "older" people who are perpetuating the anti-gay rhetoric in this nation? I don't know, because it's simply not true.

Anyone remember when we were all out on the street corners in Fresno protesting California's Prop 8? Or at the rallies which accompanied those events? There were young people in the opposition everywhere you looked.

Here's the latest example of anti-gay youth in this nation.  A fourteen year old in West Virginia...

A West Virginia-based teen radio host is making waves after proclaiming that President Obama "is making kids gay" in a recent episode. 

Fourteen-year-old Caiden Cowger, who hosts the twice-weekly "Caiden Cowger Show," made his anti-gay proclamations in a recent broadcast, video of which was uploaded to his YouTube channel on May 26. "Homosexuality is a belief," Cowger, who has previously interviewed former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, declares. "The person is not born that way, no matter what Lady Gaga is a decision." 

After he started receiving national attention over the video, he deleted his YouTube account. Fortunately, TMZ had already saved it...

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