Thursday, September 18, 2014

TONIGHT at the Reel Pride Film Festival

Thursday night, September 18th at the Reel Pride Film Festival...

Visit Gay Central Valley at the Concessions Stand in the Tower Theater for all films on the schedule...

SOMETHING MUST BREAK (Nånting måste gå sönder)

5:30pm :: Thursday, September 18
$10.00 - Online tickets are no longer available, please purchase at the box office.

Ester Martin Bergsmark
2014; Sweden; 86 min.; in Swedish with English subtitles
Violent, sexually explicit
Sebastian floats between gender identities, exploring the underground world of Stockholm. One day he meets Andreas, a straight-identified punk, and is mesmerized. Soon they are spending all their time together, wreaking havoc through the streets. When a playful tango on the rooftop turns into much more, they become intimately entwined. But Sebastian has always dreamed of becoming Ellie, and their relationship is threatened by Andreas’s own struggle to accept Ellie moving toward her destination. SOMETHING MUST BREAK (Hivos Tiger Award, International Film Festival Rotterdam; Grand Jury Award for International Dramatic Feature, Outfest) is an electrifying and wild ride.


5:30pm :: Thursday, September 18
$10.00 - Online tickets are no longer available, please purchase at the box office.
Matt Livadary
2014; US; 92 min.
Stetsons, chaps, Tony Lamas—it’s all there. But it’s really all about the jewelry for these five cowboys and cowgirls: a big, bold, shiny belt buckle, displayed triumphantly on a pair of faded Wranglers, the prize on the grueling circuit of competitive gay rodeo. Something about the clowns, steer riding, and pin-the-ribbon-on-the-steer competition makes it clear this ain’t no ordinary rodeo, which even includes Wade Earp, the openly gay descendant of the infamous Wyatt Earp. This delightfully unruly documentary of the everyday personal and physical risks of those on the rodeo circuit weaves an engaging tale of what it means to be part of the fabric of the rural American LGBT community.


THE WAY HE LOOKS (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho)

7:30pm :: Thursday, September 18
$10.00 - Online tickets are no longer available, please purchase at the box office.
Director: Daniel Ribeiro
2014; Brazil; 95 min., in Portuguese with English subtitles
Leonardo and his best friend Giovana love to soak in the sun by the pool, gossiping and making plans for the future. Leonardo dreams of going on an exchange program abroad but worries his parents will not sign the needed forms. They and everyone around him are overprotective—because he is blind. For his part, Leonardo just wants to be independent and isn’t stymied because of his blindness. But then a handsome new student, Gabriel, comes to school and shakes up Leonardo’s plans. Based on the award-winning short I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK ALONE (Reel Pride 2011), THE WAY HE LOOKS explores Leonardo’s flourishing attraction and adventuresome spirit.



7:30pm :: Thursday, September 18
$10.00 - Online tickets are no longer available, please purchase at the box office.

Sigrid Bernardo
2013; Philippines; 112 min.; in Tagalog with English subtitles
Twelve-year-old Anita’s favorite outfit is shorts and a robot T-shirt, much to her mother’s chagrin. She also bosses around her friends and imagines inventive games for them all to play. When the beautiful Pilar arrives home after many years, life turns upside down. The women all gossip about Pilar from a distance, but tomboy Anita will do anything to get close to the mysterious and troubled woman, developing a full-blown first crush. With humor and poignancy, ANITA’S LAST CHA-CHA tells the story of the girls and women of a small town in the Philippines, where everybody knows your business but not necessarily your heart. Winner for Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress, CineFilipino FF 2013.

DUAL (Dvojina)

9:30pm :: Thursday, September 18
$10.00 - Online tickets are no longer available, please purchase at the box office.

Nejc Gazvoda
2013; Slovenia; 138 min.; in English, Slovenian, and Danish with English subtitles
This lesbian cousin to BEFORE SUNRISE shares the revered film’s satisfying sleeplessness, yet is more unpredictable and exhilarating. When sprightly young Iben’s homebound plane to Copenhagen is cancelled, Tina, the airline shuttle driver, is easily persuaded to drive her around Slovenia’s darkened capital city, Ljubljana. Though Tina is distracted by the myriad duties she must also perform, Iben is never content to let their budding romance end. Impetuous yet secretive, Iben is the sparkling antidote to Tina’s stagnating, obligation-ridden life. Can love at first sight through a rearview mirror have a future? Featuring original music by minimalist pop band Monkey Cup Dress.

THE THIRD ONE (El Tercero)

9:30pm :: Thursday, September 18
$10.00 - Online tickets are no longer available, please purchase at the box office.

Rodrigo Guerrero
2014; Argentina; 69 min.; in Spanish with English subtitles
Argentinian writer-director Rodrigo Guerrero crafts a stunning chamber piece with THE THIRD ONE, a story of random encounters and surprising connections. Fede never expected to meet a couple while surfing gay webcam chat rooms, but after some naughty flirtation, an older pair, Franco and Hernán, invite the self-described punk over for dinner and some fun. An engrossing and humorous evening unfolds, full of frank conversation and natural sexual attraction. Using unconventionally long takes to propel the dialogue and tension, Guerrero explores the intersection of intimacy, raw sexuality, and human expectations in this stimulating character study that’s as transformative for the young lead as it is for the audience.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reel Pride Film Festival STARTS TONIGHT

The Reel Pride Film Festival kicks off TONIGHT...


The Opening Night Party kicks things off at 5:30PM at Bobby Salazars in the Tower. Join us as we celebrate Day 1 of Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival - Before the 1st show, stop in at Bobby Salazar's for a quick drink and bite to eat - before heading over to the Reel Pride Lounge. This event is open to all - and should be your first stop in many other parties to come during the 5 days of films.

The film to kick off the festival tonight is...


7:30pm Wednesday, September 17

$10.00 -
Salome Breziner
2014 | USA | 80 min.
CAST: Nia Vardalos, Jason Dolley, Mark Boone Junior, Skyler-Samuels, Kate Flannery, Lisa Loeb, Gillian Vigman
Oh, how far we’ve come from the dark days of rampant homophobia. But teenager Lloyd Cooper (Jason Dolley) may think society—or at least his mother—has progressed a bit too far on this topic. Lloyd’s mom Maggie (a hilarious Nia Vardalos) says she would not only accept a gay son, she actively encourages it, as it would be “really cool” to have one. In fact, Maggie becomes so convinced that Lloyd himself is gay that she “outs” him to his entire high school. Like any good “helicopter mom,” who hovers over every aspect of her children’s lives, Maggie takes control of Lloyd’s social life, setting Lloyd up on dates with boys whom she has approved and filing for a gay student college scholarship. There’s just one wrench in her grand plans: Lloyd doesn’t even know whether he’s gay or not. But the mother is willing to accept her son for who he is—or at least who she thinks he is.


Fresno Reel Pride's 25th Annual Film Festival
At The Painted Table

Must be a 2014 Festival Pass Holder + ABOVE or a 2014 SPONSOR to attend.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gay Central Valley Receives Covered California Grant

Gay Central Valley Office & The Fresno LGBT Community Center
1055 N Van Ness Avenue, Suite A  Fresno, CA  93728  559-325-4429


CONTACT: Kayleia Southard  or  Chris Jarvis


Gay Central Valley is pleased to announce that we are a recipient of a Covered California grant, aimed at underserved populations in the state. This grant is part of a larger grant through the Health Access Foundation. The grant money will, in part, pay two individuals from Gay Central Valley’s board of directors to reach out to LGBT people and others over the next few months to sign members up through the Covered California program for medical insurance. Outreach will cover Fresno and Merced counties in the Central Valley. Grant money will also be used for office space, equipment, supplies, etc.

From Covered California: “Building on high enrollment in 2014, Covered California launched its community outreach campaign for 2015 on Monday, including new grants to community groups and a comprehensive advertising program aimed at attracting new consumers and encouraging them to enroll in the state’s health benefit exchange.

The campaign includes $46 million in new statewide advertising and $14.6 million in new community outreach grant funding. Selected organizations will receive between $50,000 and $750,000 in grants, based on their experience with special populations defined by common characteristics – such as language, ethnicity, geography and employment sector – and their ability to effectively educate and enroll Californians and help individuals with Covered California renew their insurance.”

The program runs from October 1, 2014 to June 30th, 2015. Open enrollment is from November 15th 2014 to February 15th, 2015.

“We will be connecting with the underserved LGBT community, as well as many others, to provide education and guidance for individuals signing up for insurance through the exchange,” said Chris Jarvis, President of Gay Central Valley. “There are specific questions many in the LGBT community have in terms of medical insurance, and being an LGBT resource organization, we will strive to break barriers that might prevent many in the community from taking on the challenge of insurance, which is vital for a host of reasons.”

"The Health Access Foundation reached out to us to be a part of this grant,” said Kayleia Southard, GCV board member and program lead. “We couldn't be happier with our grant partners and our common goal of getting LGBT populations the health care they need. Our grant partners include: Gender Health Center, San Joaquin Pride Center, The Center OC and Unity Fellowship Church."

Chris Jarvis and Kayleia Southard will be running the grant program through Gay Central Valley. They can be contacted at the email addresses above or by calling the Fresno LGBT Community Center, also operated by Gay Central Valley, at 559-325-4429. Gay Central Valley also, in cooperation with Merced Full Spectrum, opened their second LGBT Community Center in Merced, and will be utilizing those offices as well.

Gay Central Valley is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Fresno, California. Gay Central Valley operates the Fresno LGBT Community Center. Their latest project is the Merced LGBT Community Center, which is operated by Merced Full Spectrum, a division of Gay Central Valley.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

VIDEO: Is Being Gay A Choice?

Volunteer With Us At The Reel Pride Film Festival

Gay Central Valley is looking for volunteers to help us at our Concessions Stand this year for the Reel Pride film festival...we'll be there every day, all day. 
You can work for an hour, two or more. 
Whatever you can do. 

If you're interested please contact 

Chris Jarvis at 
Kayleia Southard at 

 The BIG event starts next Wednesday, September 17th

Check out the schedule of films HERE